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Woman facing criminal charges after hide and seek turns fatal

Many events can take a turn for the worse and leave individuals with serious or fatal injuries. Some people may think that they are playing a game or carrying out a prank, but the outcomes are much more serious than expected. As a result, it is common for criminal charges to result when a situation turns bad.

Likely child abuse charge has woman considering criminal defense

The potential consequences of certain actions may not always seem apparent to some individuals. On the other hand, they may know the consequences but feel indifferent to the situation. Of course, when the repercussions of those actions come to fruition and a criminal defense is needed, people may see the situation differently.

Criminal defense on tap for 2 facing multiple drug charges

Criminal charges do not have to be the end of a person's life as he or she knows it. Though legal trouble can certainly cause a number of setbacks, anyone accused of a crime in the United States has the right to create and present a criminal defense against the allegations. It can certainly be a dark and difficult time in a person's life, but with the right help and information, individuals may be able to work toward the best possible outcomes.

Driving under the influence charges stem from fatal crash

Sometimes people do not think about how their actions could impact others. While some actions may have little effect on another person, others could prove life-changing for everyone involved. For instance, if a person is suspected of driving under the influence and a car accident occurs, many lives could be affected.

Criminal defense needed against child abuse charge

It is generally a smart move for anyone facing criminal charges to learn more about his or her particular situation. It may also help accused parties to understand what the legal proceedings will entail as their cases move forward. A lot of work can go into creating and presenting a criminal defense for any type of charge, and having the right information could go a long way.

Criminal defense may involve challenging DNA evidence from shoe

The ways in which authorities determine suspects involved in criminal acts can seem unbelievable in some cases. Still, if certain evidence points to a particular person, that individual could end up charged with a crime. If so, it may be worth reviewing that evidence to determine whether challenging it could work as part of a criminal defense presentation.

Mother in need of criminal defense after felony charge

In this age of internet challenges and viral videos, many individuals participate in activities that can prove dangerous or even illegal. Some people may think that their actions are harmless or that they are only making a joke. However, some of those actions could lead to serious charges and the need for a criminal defense.

Boat captain facing criminal charges after passengers call police

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can alter a person's decision-making abilities. As a result, an individual may carry out actions that he or she would not have done under other circumstances. Unfortunately, some actions could put others in harm's way or at least make them fearful for their lives, and serious criminal charges could result.

Criminal defense strategies may help with child neglect charges

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs anyone could have. Unfortunately, some parents may face significant struggles and not have the ability to care for their children as best as they wish they could. In some cases, the situations could become so severe that a parent ends up in need of a criminal defense after being charged with child neglect.

Criminal defense issues: Was the arrest legal?

Being taken into custody by police can be a frightening experience whether it happens here in Florida or elsewhere. It is often the first step in facing charges for an alleged violation of criminal law. While most people focus on contesting the charge, a complete criminal defense will also look into whether the arrest was even legal.

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