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Likely child abuse charge has woman considering criminal defense

| Feb 4, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

The potential consequences of certain actions may not always seem apparent to some individuals. On the other hand, they may know the consequences but feel indifferent to the situation. Of course, when the repercussions of those actions come to fruition and a criminal defense is needed, people may see the situation differently.

One Florida woman may be rethinking her actions after recently being arrested for child abuse. Apparently, the woman works as a teacher, and when a child was running his hand over a bulletin board, the woman allegedly shoved his face, causing it to hit the wall. The impact then caused a tooth to be knocked out of the boy’s mouth and busted his lip. 

It was unclear how authorities became alerted to the incident, but students reportedly talked with the police. Several indicated that the teacher was mean, and one also stated that the teacher yells at students without reason. The 64-year-old woman was taken into custody on a charge of child abuse, and at the time of the report, she had been released on a $3,000 bond.

The woman may never have intended her actions to go this far, but now she must face the consequences. Still, she is not facing a hopeless predicament and can present a criminal defense against the charge if she wishes to do so. It may help her make decisions about how to handle her case to gain information about the charges and the legal proceedings she will likely face as her case moves through the Florida criminal justice system.