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Criminal defense may involve challenging DNA evidence from shoe

| Sep 2, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The ways in which authorities determine suspects involved in criminal acts can seem unbelievable in some cases. Still, if certain evidence points to a particular person, that individual could end up charged with a crime. If so, it may be worth reviewing that evidence to determine whether challenging it could work as part of a criminal defense presentation.

One man in Florida may want to contest the evidence against him after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that earlier this year, two men broke into a register at a mall kiosk in efforts to steal money. Two workers attempted to stop the two men, and they all became involved in a physical altercation. One worker fell to the ground and was being kicked by a suspected, and the worker was able to grab the suspect’s shoe before both men ran.

Authorities took the shoe into evidence and conducted a DNA test. The test results allegedly indicated a match to a 30-year-old man. Though the alleged incident took place in February, authorities only recently took the man into custody. He is currently facing a charge for robbery.

DNA evidence from a shoe may seem outlandish, but unfortunately for this Florida man, it has resulted in his arrest. He may wish to review this and any other evidence that authorities have against him as he works to build a criminal defense presentation against the robbery allegation. Because his case could be complicated and because he undoubtedly wants to work toward the best possible outcome, he may want to look into gaining more information about his legal options.