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Could accepting the possibility of divorce make couples happier?

While many Florida residents may hope to live happily ever after when they get married, it is not uncommon for that hope to not last. Divorce is a common occurrence, and many people may find themselves dreading that possibility. However, that dread could cause unnecessary worry and difficulties, and instead, individuals may want to simply accept the possibility.

It may seem counterproductive to some people to accept that their marriages could end in divorce. However, accepting this possibility does not mean that it will inevitably happen. It could mean, though, that parties spend less time worrying about divorce and more time focusing on living happily in their marriages. It could also mean that parties who are in unhappy relationships feel less guilt about wanting to find happiness as single people.

Understanding that divorce is a possibility could even make it easier for couples to address their problems. In some cases, parties may avoid conflict because they fear the result could be the marriage coming to an end. If parties do not see divorce as a fearful outcome, they may be more willing to express their concerns and expectations and possibly end up finding resolutions rather than keeping their feelings to themselves in efforts to avoid divorce.

Certainly, accepting that divorce is a reality for many can feel disheartening. Still, it does not mean that individuals have to look at their marriages as temporary or even believe that they will one day dissolve those marriages. Instead, accepting the possibility may simply allow Florida residents to know that they do not have to fear such an outcome.

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