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Assumption of sole child custody giving way to joint custody

Few parents want to purposefully put their children in a position that could cause them to suffer. However, many Florida parents may feel as if that is what they are doing when they choose to divorce. Certainly, ending a marriage can cause a considerable amount of emotional turmoil for children, but finding the right child custody arrangements may help lessen any lasting effects.

Of course, finding the right terms is not always an easy task. Some parents may no longer get along, and as a result, one parent may feel better suited for caring for the children and want to fight for sole custody. However, obtaining sole custody may not be as easy as it once was. Though mothers were commonly favored in the past for obtaining sole custody, the times have changed considerably.

Now, rather than automatically assuming sole custody with a mother is best, courts are often considering the benefits of joint custody more closely. Because there are two types of custody, legal and physical, courts commonly believe that allowing joint legal custody is wise so that both parents can make important decisions for the kids. When it comes to physical custody, there are still some rifts to work through, especially because it can be difficult for parents to have completely equal physical custody. Still, parents can work toward finding the most equitable custody arrangement possible.

Understandably, parents can feel strongly about the child custody arrangements they desire. At the time the relationships ends, it can seem difficult to consider continued parenting as a team, but that thought may stem from raw emotions. Instead, Florida parents may want to consider setting their emotions aside and thinking about how their decisions now could affect their children at the present and in the future.

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