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Man charged with domestic violence after throwing cookie

| Mar 4, 2019 | Domestic Violence Defense |

In many cases, individuals who face criminal charges often wonder whether the charges are really warranted for the incident. Nonetheless, when formal charges are filed, the person accused must take his or her situation seriously in order to defend against the allegations, especially for instances of domestic violence. Often, the details of the event can prove immensely useful as part of the defense.

One man in Florida may feel as if his situation was blown out of proportion, but still, he faces a serious predicament. According to reports, authorities were called to respond to an incident between the man and his girlfriend. Apparently, the girlfriend told police that the man had thrown a cookie at her, which struck her in the forehead. The report indicated that officers saw a red mark on the woman’s forehead.

The man allegedly stated that he did throw the cookie at the woman. As a result, he was taken into custody on charges of domestic battery. It was noted that the man had faced charges for domestic violence-related events in the past. It was unclear whether the man was still in custody at the time of the report.

Charges for domestic violence are always taken seriously, and in order for him to work toward the best outcomes possible, this man may find it in his interests to put his best foot forward in exploring his defense options. It may be wise for him to utilize local Florida legal resources for reliable information. Though he may feel frustrated by this ordeal, it is still important for him to stay calm throughout the proceedings.