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Postnuptial agreements may help protect property

| Dec 10, 2018 | Family Law |

It is not unusual for people to forgo signing a prenuptial agreement. However, Some Florida residents may later regret this decision for various reasons, even if they are not planning to get divorced. Fortunately, individuals can still take advantage of postnuptial agreements as a way to protect their assets.

Some people may think of postnuptial agreements as something completely different than prenups, but really, the only significant difference is that a postnup is created after the marriage takes place. The document will contain the same information that individuals would have put in a prenup if they had created one. The topics can include protecting property, addressing debt distribution, maintaining ownership of certain assets and other topics. Often, creating such an agreement can open the door for healthy communication regarding money and other financial matters.

As noted, postnups do not have to come about because a couple believes they will get divorced soon. A person may have taken on a new business venture after getting married and believe that such an agreement could help protect the business should divorce take place in the future. This factor is only one of the benefits of creating such an agreement.

Postnuptial agreements do not have to be scary documents to consider creating. Though it may seem challenging to bring up the topic with a spouse, Florida residents may greatly benefit from having this protection. Interested parties may wish to discuss this option with knowledgeable attorneys to determine whether creating this type of document could suit their needs and to learn what information they could include.