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Murder charge likely has woman focused on her criminal defense

| Oct 16, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Ending up in a situation where criminal accusations are brought against someone can be intimidating. When the charges involve allegations of murder, the predicament can seem even more insurmountable. However, even when serious charges like murder are involved, parties have the ability to create a criminal defense.

One woman in Florida will undoubtedly want to find the right help for her case after recently being charged in relation to a fatal stabbing. Reports indicated that the woman’s husband had died in June after he was stabbed in the shoulder. The woman apparently gave multiple accounts of how the incident occurred, and inconsistency caused authorities to suspect that she was not telling the truth. In her original account, the woman reportedly stated that she was holding her dog in one hand and had the knife in the other when she tripped and stabbed her husband.

Police asked the woman to hold the dog like she did at the time of the incident, but she allegedly could not pick up the dog. The woman reportedly also gave other accounts that she was doing other things at the time of the stabbing, and authorities did not find evidence that supported the other accounts either. As a result, the woman is facing charges for second degree murder as authorities suspect it was an intentional act.

The serious allegations this Florida woman faces may impact her in tremendous ways. Fortunately, she can still take the time to review her criminal defense options and determine what steps she may feel best suit her predicament. It is also important that all information regarding the situation is heard and that the woman is presumed innocent until — and only if — she is convicted in a court of law.