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Criminal defense needed against child abuse charge

It is generally a smart move for anyone facing criminal charges to learn more about his or her particular situation. It may also help accused parties to understand what the legal proceedings will entail as their cases move forward. A lot of work can go into creating and presenting a criminal defense for any type of charge, and having the right information could go a long way.

One man in Florida may be hoping to learn as much as possible about his case after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, day care workers reported the man for abuse after they noticed a 3-year-old boy with burns on his back. Authorities looked into the report and purportedly determined that the man had poured boiling water on the child after he accidentally urinated on the floor.

Child support has many elements

Ending a marriage means making many decisions. In some cases, parents may be able to make some decisions for themselves, and in other instances, the court may have to step in to nail down certain details. For example, it is common for the court to issue child support orders when parents divorce.

Some Florida parents may not know much about paying support other than it is necessary and can depend on the child custody order. Typically, if one parent has physical custody of the children, the non-custodial parent will make support payments to that parent. However, child support may also be necessary in joint custody arrangements with each parent paying a certain amount. Of course, the outcomes depend on the specific circumstances of each case.

A DUI conviction has serious repercussions for your future

You may see nothing wrong with driving home after having a couple of drinks with friends to celebrate an upcoming interview for a long-hoped-for job opportunity.

However, if you drive erratically and law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, your future may not look as rosy as it did earlier in the evening.

Feeling in control can help some individuals through divorce

Ending a marriage is a difficult process. Florida residents going through this experience will likely face a great deal of stress and a number of questions as they work to complete their cases. Though divorce can certainly take its toll, some individuals may want to focus on helping themselves get through the proceedings.

Though the legal aspects of divorce can seem confusing, it is important that individuals remember that they are in charge of their own cases. Having help is advisable, but even if a person obtains the assistance of an attorney, that legal professional still works for the person going through the divorce. As a result, that person has the final say in the courses of action taken during the process.

Criminal defense may involve challenging DNA evidence from shoe

The ways in which authorities determine suspects involved in criminal acts can seem unbelievable in some cases. Still, if certain evidence points to a particular person, that individual could end up charged with a crime. If so, it may be worth reviewing that evidence to determine whether challenging it could work as part of a criminal defense presentation.

One man in Florida may want to contest the evidence against him after recently being taken into custody. Reports indicated that earlier this year, two men broke into a register at a mall kiosk in efforts to steal money. Two workers attempted to stop the two men, and they all became involved in a physical altercation. One worker fell to the ground and was being kicked by a suspected, and the worker was able to grab the suspect's shoe before both men ran.

Extra compensation may be worth protecting during divorce

Many people enjoy bonuses and other perks as part of their employment. They undoubtedly appreciate the benefits they receive in return for their hard work, but these benefits could have downsides later. For instance, if Florida residents go through divorce, this extra compensation could affect the outcomes.

If a person receives perks as part of the job, it is possible for the value of those perks to play a role in property division or even spouse support calculations. For example, if a person receives a company car as a perk of the job and can use it for personal affairs, it could be a factor in property division. The car itself cannot be divided, but the value of the car could lead to the other party having a stronger claim to other assets or a stronger argument for more spousal support.

Understanding Florida's deadbeat dad laws

No matter where you live, no one wants to be a deadbeat dad (or mom). Last October, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General named a Florida resident as the most deadbeat dad in the United States for owing $4.2 million in unpaid child support

To circumvent many of the issues that come with unpaid child support, Florida has come up with so-called "deadbeat dad" laws. The goal of these laws is to make sure children have adequate support. Regardless of the visitation arrangement, some parents still need to pay child support to ensure kids have a good upbringing. It is paramount to understand the consequences of not paying child support because it could come back to bite you in the end. 

Domestic violence charges come against 4 Florida women

When many people think of domestic abuse, they often picture husbands hurting their wives. While this scenario is common, it is also possible for women to find themselves facing criminal accusations for domestic violence. Just like when a man is accused in this type of scenario, women facing criminal charges also need to find their best defense avenues.

It was recently reported that multiple women have been accused of domestic abuse in Florida. The incidents vary in the manner in which the alleged abuse occurred, and the women range in age from 21 to 47 years old. Among the alleged victims in these cases were two husbands, a fiance and a mother. The 21-year-old woman charged with domestic battery reportedly shoved cake into her mother's face and took her brother's cellphone so that he could not call authorities.

Mother in need of criminal defense after felony charge

In this age of internet challenges and viral videos, many individuals participate in activities that can prove dangerous or even illegal. Some people may think that their actions are harmless or that they are only making a joke. However, some of those actions could lead to serious charges and the need for a criminal defense.

It was recently reported that a Florida mother is currently facing a felony charge after an incident she claims was a joke. Apparently, the mother was at a doctor's office with her daughter, who is a minor, when she recorded a video of her daughter licking a tongue depressor and putting it back among the unused tongue depressors. The mother stated that she recorded the video and sent it to a few friends, but someone else posted the video online.

Decorating after divorce may depend on legal outcomes

For some Florida residents, ending a marriage can seem like the time to have a fresh start. They may contemplate how they will redecorate their current home if they stay, or they may wonder about their new living arrangements if they will move after the divorce. Whether a person stays or moves could depend on the outcomes of their cases and how property division proceedings turn out.

Whether staying or going, it is important to remember that the legal aspects of the divorce need handling first. Though an individual may find temporary living arrangements while the case is underway, he or she may want to refrain from taking any of the marital assets from the home until the case has come to a close. In some instances, a person may believe that a particular item belongs to him or her only for the court to rule otherwise.

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