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Review of criminal defense options may help with DUI manslaughter

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, the possibility exists that criminal charges could stem from the event, depending on the circumstances. Authorities have the duty of investigating these events to determine what factors contributed. If alcohol is suspected, charges could result, and if a death also occurred, an accused person will certainly want to explore his or her criminal defense options.

It was reported that one man was recently taken into custody in relation to a fatal motorcycle accident that took place last year in Florida. Apparently, the man was driving a motorcycle and a female passenger was also on the vehicle. The man reportedly entered a roundabout and failed to successfully travel through the circle. As a result, the motorcycle crashed into a wall around the roundabout's center island.

Divorce at an older age becoming more common

There is no set age at which people choose to end their marriages. Some people may only be married for a few short months at a young age before deciding the relationship was not for them, and other couples may have been married for decades before choosing divorce. However, it does appear that more older people are getting divorced as of late.

Some Florida residents over the age of 50 may be considering this course of action themselves. It would not be uncommon as one in four divorce cases in the United States involve a person over the age of 50. This statistic shows an increase since 1990, which saw a person over 50 in one in every 10 divorces. Because there is less stigma regarding divorce these days, many older people are choosing to live single lives even though they have been married for decades.

Lack of affection and trust could point a couple toward divorce

That elated feeling that can come along with finding a new love is one that many people strive to find. Some Florida residents may think that they have found the perfect partners to feel that way forever, and as a result, they get married. Of course, such feelings often wane over time, and in some cases, individuals may find themselves considering divorce.

Feelings of love and displays of affection often make relationships exciting. These actions may last while dating and possibly even through the first few years of marriage. However, if the dynamic and level of affection change over the first two years of a marriage, it could signal that a couple may head toward divorce. Less affection may seem like less commitment, and some couples may find that the spark is no longer there.

False accusations present need for domestic violence defense

When feeling hurt or wanting badly to get their way, some people may resort to spiteful actions. In some cases, these actions may not have drastic repercussions, but some individuals may go too far and make serious accusations against another person. For instance, if someone wants to get his or her way in a divorce, it is possible for false accusations of domestic violence to come about.

Though these accusations can certainly result in a Florida court looking more negatively on the accused during divorce proceedings, they can also lead to criminal charges. A judge may issue a protective order to keep the accused person away from the other party and possibly their children. This type of outcome is often the goal of someone making false accusations.

Criminal defense help likely needed after Florida DUI arrests

Law enforcement often put together operations in hopes of strictly enforcing laws and catching those who are violating them. Often, police crack down on drunk driving at various times of the year. These operations can often result in numerous arrests, which, in turn, leave numerous people in need of information on their criminal defense options.

It was recently reported that a DUI crackdown in Florida resulted in the arrest of a police officer. Reports stated that the 44-year-old sergeant was driving a vehicle when authorities allegedly saw his vehicle swerving and not staying in the correct lane. Officers presumably conducted a traffic stop, but details on what occurred during that time were not given in the report. It was also not disclosed whether any breath or blood tests were conducted to determine blood alcohol concentration levels.

America's new divorce landscape

The country's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2017 goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019. TCJA will significantly change the financial landscape of divorce planning. A significant impact occurs for those who pay and receive alimony.

TCJA specifies the alimony payor can no longer use alimony as a tax deduction. The IRS cannot tax the recipient's alimony as income.

Postnuptial agreements may help protect property

It is not unusual for people to forgo signing a prenuptial agreement. However, Some Florida residents may later regret this decision for various reasons, even if they are not planning to get divorced. Fortunately, individuals can still take advantage of postnuptial agreements as a way to protect their assets.

Some people may think of postnuptial agreements as something completely different than prenups, but really, the only significant difference is that a postnup is created after the marriage takes place. The document will contain the same information that individuals would have put in a prenup if they had created one. The topics can include protecting property, addressing debt distribution, maintaining ownership of certain assets and other topics. Often, creating such an agreement can open the door for healthy communication regarding money and other financial matters.

Flatulence leads to aggravated assault charge in Florida

Some situations that result in criminal charges have immensely unique circumstances. Still, if a weapon is involved, it is possible for a person to face serious charges, like aggravated assault. When such allegations are leveled against a person, it is wise for him or her to understand the predicament as best as possible.

It was recently reported that one woman in Florida is currently facing serious charges after an incident at a dollar store. Apparently, the woman was in line at the store when she passed gas. The flatulence offended another customer who presumably made a comment about it. As a result, the woman and the other person began arguing, but details of the argument were not given in the report.

High school teacher facing job loss over domestic violence charge

Individuals in many professions can have their careers put in jeopardy by criminal charges. Unfortunately, many people may face negative consequences from their employers before they even have the chance to defend themselves in court. In cases involving charges of domestic violence, it is not unusual for parties to lose their jobs.

One Florida man is currently facing this type of predicament after recently being taken into custody. Reports stated that the man is an English teacher at a high school, but due to accusations of domestic battery, he is now facing termination from his job. Reports stated that the accusations resulted when his estranged wife contacted police after the man allegedly beat her. She claims that he strangled her, kicked her and threatened her.

Divorce after 50 can have various impacts on individuals' lives

One can be any age when he or she realizes that a marriage is not working out. For some Florida residents, relationships may have lasted only a few years before coming to an end, and others may have been married for decades. After the age of 50, many people find their lives changed in different ways after divorce.

In a recent report, several individuals over the age of 50 gave their accounts of life after divorce. One woman stated that she was surprised by the impact the divorce had on her adult children who had already left home. The younger children still living at home were able to adapt to the changes more quickly because they saw it firsthand, and the older children continued to feel caught off guard when only coming home to visit.

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