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Is drug court an option for you?

Research has repeatedly shown that there is a definitive link between drug addiction and criminal behavior, and Florida and the nation’s drug court programs seek to curb that criminal behavior by treating drug addiction itself. If you are a state resident who is facing a drug-related criminal charge, and that charge was not for a violent crime, you may be able to gain entry into a Florida drug court.

While the exact details of how drug courts operate can vary from one program to the next, most drug courts operate similarly to one another in that they require participants to stay compliant with a number of program terms. For example, drug offenders must show up to court at regular intervals and appear before a judge or administrator, and they also must agree to undergo drug treatment and periodic drug testing until the program comes to a close. So, are drug courts serving their intended purpose and helping addicts beat their addictions and refrain from future criminal behavior?

Boat captain facing criminal charges after passengers call police

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol can alter a person's decision-making abilities. As a result, an individual may carry out actions that he or she would not have done under other circumstances. Unfortunately, some actions could put others in harm's way or at least make them fearful for their lives, and serious criminal charges could result.

It was recently reported that a charter boat captain in Florida found himself in such a difficult spot. Apparently, the captain was out on the water with passengers on his boat when some of those passengers contacted the police. They claimed that the captain was intoxicated and would not take them back to shore. Additionally, they stated that he had fired a handgun. The situation resulted in police officers and the U.S. Coast Guard getting involved.

Could accepting the possibility of divorce make couples happier?

While many Florida residents may hope to live happily ever after when they get married, it is not uncommon for that hope to not last. Divorce is a common occurrence, and many people may find themselves dreading that possibility. However, that dread could cause unnecessary worry and difficulties, and instead, individuals may want to simply accept the possibility.

It may seem counterproductive to some people to accept that their marriages could end in divorce. However, accepting this possibility does not mean that it will inevitably happen. It could mean, though, that parties spend less time worrying about divorce and more time focusing on living happily in their marriages. It could also mean that parties who are in unhappy relationships feel less guilt about wanting to find happiness as single people.

Criminal defense strategies may help with child neglect charges

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs anyone could have. Unfortunately, some parents may face significant struggles and not have the ability to care for their children as best as they wish they could. In some cases, the situations could become so severe that a parent ends up in need of a criminal defense after being charged with child neglect.

One mother in Florida is currently facing this type of predicament. According to reports, the woman has five children, and a teacher for one of her elementary school children reported the child's poor hygiene. Apparently, the child would wear the same clothing for days at a time, and when asked about having a bath, the child could not remember the last time he or she had one. The teacher gave the child a change of clothes and found the ones the child had been wearing were heavily soiled.

Criminal defense issues: Was the arrest legal?

Being taken into custody by police can be a frightening experience whether it happens here in Florida or elsewhere. It is often the first step in facing charges for an alleged violation of criminal law. While most people focus on contesting the charge, a complete criminal defense will also look into whether the arrest was even legal.

In making this determination, the primary factor is whether the officer had a legal reason to make the arrest. In many cases, the officer needs to establish probable cause, which means that certain circumstances and facts led him or her to believe that an individual committed a crime, or was about to do so. The officer does not need to witness the alleged offense to develop the necessary probable cause.

Teen computer hacking: Harmless fun or federal crime?

Parents in Florida towns and cities are not strangers to the online mischief their teens may cause. Precocious computer wizards, teens often hack into their parents' social media accounts for fun, then startle mom or dad with some personal details a parent may not want to include in the family history.

At the same time, parents are understandably proud of their budding computer expert. They see a bright future ahead for their son or daughter at MIT, followed by a high-profile information technology career with a major global company. After all, a pair of unknown hackers—Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak—earned legend status when they founded Apple, Inc. Bill Gates, no slouch at hacking, went on to become the luminary co-founder of Microsoft.

Assumption of sole child custody giving way to joint custody

Few parents want to purposefully put their children in a position that could cause them to suffer. However, many Florida parents may feel as if that is what they are doing when they choose to divorce. Certainly, ending a marriage can cause a considerable amount of emotional turmoil for children, but finding the right child custody arrangements may help lessen any lasting effects.

Of course, finding the right terms is not always an easy task. Some parents may no longer get along, and as a result, one parent may feel better suited for caring for the children and want to fight for sole custody. However, obtaining sole custody may not be as easy as it once was. Though mothers were commonly favored in the past for obtaining sole custody, the times have changed considerably.

Parents facing charges for neglect after child found in park

Most parents would do anything for their children. Of course, parenting is not always easy, and individuals can quickly become overwhelmed and forgetful, especially if they have multiple children. However, if that forgetfulness involves leaving a child out in public, it is likely that charges for neglect will come about.

It was recently reported that this type of scenario took place in Florida. Apparently, a 2-year-old girl was found in a park on her own. Police officers were presumably alerted to her presence, and though they searched the park and surrounding area for her parents, they were unable to locate them. Officers then posted a picture of the child on social media in further efforts to find her family.

Suspicion and hostility during divorce may mean extra steps

Many people want to end their marriages because they are no longer happy in a relationship with their spouse. This scenario could mean different things to different people. For example, some Florida residents may want to end their marriages and never speak to their exes again, and others may want to divorce but also remain amicable with their exes.

The way a person feels about ending the marriage and about his or her soon-to-be ex could have a considerable effect on the divorce proceedings. For instance, some people may wonder whether they need to or have to talk to their spouses while going through divorce. In some cases, having an open dialogue throughout the proceedings can help with making decisions more quickly and amicably. Of course, in other cases, if individuals have a considerable amount of hostility toward each other, it may be wiser to refrain from speaking if conversations cannot be civil.

Man charged with domestic violence after throwing cookie

In many cases, individuals who face criminal charges often wonder whether the charges are really warranted for the incident. Nonetheless, when formal charges are filed, the person accused must take his or her situation seriously in order to defend against the allegations, especially for instances of domestic violence. Often, the details of the event can prove immensely useful as part of the defense.

One man in Florida may feel as if his situation was blown out of proportion, but still, he faces a serious predicament. According to reports, authorities were called to respond to an incident between the man and his girlfriend. Apparently, the girlfriend told police that the man had thrown a cookie at her, which struck her in the forehead. The report indicated that officers saw a red mark on the woman's forehead.

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