Get Through Your Florida Divorce With Exceptional Legal Representation

Things change. Despite your best efforts to live a certain kind of life, relationships aren't guaranteed, and sometimes moving on is the best thing you can do for yourself. This doesn't mean, however, that you can simply walk away and hope that your past will stay behind you.

Getting divorced can be a hard decision — and in Florida, the law doesn't make the process as straightforward as you might expect. At Salomon & Salomon, our skilled divorce attorneys have over 20 years' combined experience and a penchant for making sense of complex family law issues. Whether you just recently married your childhood sweetheart from around the block or spent decades married to someone you met overseas, we have the compassion and track record to help you make a clean, healthy break.

Who Can Get A Florida Divorce?

Under Florida law, divorces are considered dissolutions of marriage, and the rules favor no-fault separations, which means that either spouse can initiate a dissolution based on the fact that their union is permanently broken beyond repair. As long as one person has formally lived in the state for at least half a year, they may petition for dissolution of marriage. Other issues that must be resolved during a dissolution include:

At Salomon & Salomon, our lawyers put our experience to good use by helping people understand how issues like paternity and property ownership will impact their future after a divorce. With solid backgrounds as public defenders, we're used to fighting for those whose voices might go unheard, and we truly believe in making divorce law serve your needs.

We Help You Prepare For What Lies Ahead

Getting divorced can come with unique challenges you may not have considered. For instance, it may involve a back-and-forth exchange of petitions and answers, court-ordered property divisions and unexpected custody orders. It's advisable to go into a divorce — whether you filed or your spouse filed — by preparing as thoroughly as possible so your split improves your future instead of making life harder.

At Salomon & Salomon, we're all about making your divorce as fair as possible. Whether your split involves child custody, high-value assets or your personal safety, you owe it to yourself to chart a course for a better future. Get started by calling 954-703-4215 or sending us an email today. From our offices in Coral Springs and Fort Lauderdale, we help people throughout southeast Florida.

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