Bringing Stability To Your Child Custody Matter

Fighting for child custody is far more complicated than having a child in the first place. Even if you're fully committed to doing the right thing, you still must contend with laws that often obscure the path forward. It's not always easy to serve your children's best interests.

At Salomon & Salomon, our knowledgeable family law attorneys don't think that things like messy relationships, bad blood or even unpredictable immigration issues should stand in the way of what's right for your children. With more than 20 years of combined legal experience — and a strong desire for making life in southeast Florida better for all families — our lawyers are prepared to go to bat for you and those you love the most.

Understanding The 'Best Interests' Standard

Parents don't always get along, and many kids end up caught in the middle of parental disputes. How do courts determine who's in the right when it comes to contentious arguments over visitation, legal and physical child custody, and other custody and visitation rights? Judges overwhelmingly attempt to do what's in the "best interests of the child" by considering which parent will:

  • Provide the most loving, stable and nurturing relationship
  • Facilitate a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent
  • Care for the child's basic needs

You need to make a strong case if you want the court to see you in a good light. At Salomon & Salomon, our attorneys and staff believe in helping you represent yourself the right way so that your family law experience is as favorable as possible. We're passionate about helping you devise a strategy that makes it easier to get through this already difficult time.

Let Us Empower Your Fight For Custody

Winning a family law battle in Coral Springs or Fort Lauderdale isn't merely a matter of making yourself look better than your ex. Florida officials also consider issues like your criminal or drug history, what your child wants, your employment status and your plan for sharing custody.

Are you willing to bet your future with your kids on the uncertainties of an overloaded family law system? Don't make the all-too-common mistake of assuming that judges or social workers will automatically see things your way. Contact us at Salomon & Salomon to find out how we can help you correctly present your case and do what's best for your family. Call 954-703-4215 or send us a message online today.

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