Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Law

Will Committing A Crime Affect My Immigration Status?

Possibly, yes. If you are charged with any crime, even a minor one, it could lead to deportation. Major offenses such as drug crimes, domestic violence or other crimes of moral turpitude have serious consequences if you've applied for citizenship. Other crimes, such as driving without a license, could be used as a reason to investigate your immigration status.

If I'm Charged With A Crime As A Noncitizen, Should I Take A Plea Bargain?

Not necessarily. Even though it may be expensive to hire an attorney, taking a plea bargain may leave your immigration status vulnerable to investigation. Pleading guilty or no contest may be considered a conviction, even if there wasn't enough evidence to prove that you committed the crime. This conviction will stay on your record and could be used as a reason for deportation.

Could A Criminal Conviction Impact My Family's Ability To Stay In The United States?

Potentially, yes. For example, if your family is in the U.S. because of your H1B visa and you commit a crime that jeopardizes your legal status, their ability to live in the United States may be at risk. Review your options with the help of a defense lawyer.

How Can I Get Domestic Violence Charges Reduced Or Dismissed?

There are many ways to fight domestic violence charges in Florida. A judge may drop or reduce charges if you were defending yourself or your property, if the alleged victim has a history of making false claims, if there is a lack of injuries, if there's insufficient evidence, or if certain other conditions are met.

Is It Possible To Avoid A DUI Conviction If I Failed A Field Sobriety Test?

Yes, it is possible. Both the breath testing machines used by law enforcement and the law enforcement officers themselves are governed by strict guidelines regarding how DUI tests should be conducted. If these regulations aren't followed, the results of a field sobriety test may be considered inadmissible in court. A skilled criminal law attorney can demonstrate the inadequacies of evidence to a prosecutor, judge or jury.

What Is A Hardship License?

This is a license granted to someone if their driver's license was suspended after a DUI arrest. It grants privileges to drive for specific reasons, including to and from work, to school or for employment-related activities.

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